Nanotechnology May Be Worth the Wait


University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) researchers have developed a formula for creating a nearly perfect compound semiconductor that could lead to more efficient photovoltaics, safe and high-resolution biological imaging… Read More

First Solar Seeks New Opportunities: Another Look

Zintro Gerard NJ

A recent Zintro post discussed solar-panel maker First Solar’s plan to seek deals with industrial sites and warehouses to increase sales. First Solar has been looking for new opportunities as… Read More

Encouraging Institutional Investors to Divest From Fossil-Fuels


According to the Wall Street Journal, the D.C. Council is considering a bill that would encourage big institutional investors to divest from companies in the fossil-fuel business. This news follows… Read More

EMerge Calls for DC Power Initiative


The advantages of DC power in commercial building spaces have led Emerge Alliance Chairman Brian Patterson to call for an initiative to extend DC power to homes and small businesses…. Read More

Will Hybrid Price Cuts Increase Sales?


Many automakers have cut prices on hybrid vehicles in order to spur sales, which have lagged below expectations. Recently Toyota dropped the price of the 2014 Prius base hybrid plug-in… Read More

Do Giant Pandas Hold The Key To Sustainable Fuels?

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 12.54.23 PM

When considering the production of biofuels, concerns over the possible impact on food supply, and subsequently prices, arise. In response scientists have turned to plant waste such as corn cobs… Read More

Could The Sun Be The Answer To Nuclear Waste Disposal?


In recent years, discussions surrounding the disposal of nuclear waste have reemerged. Since the sun is a constant nuclear reaction much larger than the Earth, it could hypothetically serve as… Read More

Scientists Develop Ability To Pattern Liquids Into Arbitrarily Shaped Microstructures

Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 5.26.35 PM

Researchers at North Carolina State University discovered a way to pattern liquids into arbitrarily shaped microstructures using 3D printing. The team found an alloy of gallium and indium that’s liquid… Read More

Will Obama’s New Action Plan Mitigate Climate Change?

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President Obama’s new climate action plan commits the U.S. to lower carbon emissions to 17% below those recorded in 2005 by the year 2020. The agenda proposes that this be… Read More

Did You Say ‘Wifi Internet Access Everywhere’?


This month Google launches the pilot run for Project Loon. If successful, the enterprise will provide Internet access to remote areas while also improving current coverage. The venture floats 30… Read More

Will Tesla’s Battery-Swap Encourage A Shift To Electric Cars?

Tesla Battery Swap

After revealing free and fast nationwide electric car charging stations in early 2013, Tesla recently uncovered its new, automated battery-swap system. The Model S battery swap took place in about… Read More

Countless Solutions Biofuel Production Could Create For The Future


Earlier in March, the top award in the annual “Intel Science Talent Search” was given to Sara Volz, a high-school senior from Colorado, who used a technique to significantly increase… Read More

What Should We Expect From Biofuel Production In the Short-Term?


Sara Volz, a high-school senior from Colorado, won first place in the annual “Intel Science Talent Search” for using a technique to significantly increase oil yields from algae, which is… Read More

Electric Cars Struggling For Public Acceptance


Tesla Motors has installed a new set of free, solar-powered charging stations for its Model S sedan, six of which are located in California and fully charge an electric car… Read More

Global Warming Threatening Multinational Corporations

Global Warming

The first eight months of 2012, have been the hottest ever in the U.S. and global warming has become a business reality as many of the world’s largest companies perceive… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work On Environmental Industry Consulting Projects


Environmental Services & Equipment I am looking to connect with one or more Environmental Services & Equipment Experts to discuss the US e-waste industry. Looking specifically for someone who can… Read More