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Success Story: William Walker

Zintro_William Walker

William Walker is an acknowledged expert in International Standards (ISO). He has been a Register Lead Auditor over 16 years and has approved for Registration over 400 companies in 20 different Standard Industry Codes.William is a competitive and proven … Read More

Hacking on the Rise: How Worried Should We Be?


The New York Times reported that one billion usernames and passwords were stolen by the Russian cyber-crime gang. According to Jordan Robertson on, the numbers probably won’t translate “into anything big” for two reasons.First, the hackers … Read More

Success Story: Chris Dane

Zintro_Chris Dane

Chris Dane, President of HRG/Executive Travel Associates, has been in the travel industry for over 35 years. HRG/ETA’s parent company is the third largest travel management company in the world.Before joining HRG, Chris created his own consulting company. … Read More

Success Story: Aaron Kapp


Zintro expert Aaron Kapp is the founding partner, CFO, and COO of a number of successful startups. He is currently the partner and the EVP of Business Development for Integrated Shipping Solutions, Inc. His transportation consulting firm has provided … Read More

Rosetta Completes 10-Year Trip into Deep Space


The European spacecraft Rosetta reached its final destination on a 10-year trip into deep space. According to the European Space Agency, they launched the probe in 2004 to orbit the Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet and collect information about the mass of dirty … Read More

Apple Tries New Marketing Strategy in India


The high cost of new iPhones has made it difficult for Apple Inc. to succeed in emerging markets. For example, an iPhone 5s can cost as much as 53,500 rupies ($874) in India—a hefty price tag in a nation where most people live on less than $2 a day. The … Read More

Best Tools for Screening and Hiring Freelance Consultants


When it comes to screening and hiring freelance consultants, you could be inundated with submissions and emails and reference contacts. By the very nature of the freelance business, your applicants and candidates will vary greatly in experience and background … Read More

Success Story: Tim Brophy

Zintro_Tim Brophy

Zintro expert Tim Brophy is an Underground Mining Tire & Wheel Specialist. He has over 35 years of experience in sales, service, field engineering, and design of tires, wheels, and service programs for underground mining operations. Tim recently completed … Read More

Another Look at United Nations Environmental Assembly


Last month we spoke with Zintro expert Rick Rybeck about the first United Nations Environmental Assembly (UNEA) taking place in Kenya. The Associate Press described it as a weeklong event that involved “the examination of the intersection between global … Read More

Inquiry Roundup – Medical Devices


FDA 510K  Hello, I'm looking for a consultant to assist with an FDA 510k submission for a: Class II Ophthalmic Medical Device If you have expertise in this area, please let me know. Thank you View Inquiry Medical Device Compliance We need a Medical … Read More

Success Story: Tom Kirkland


Zintro expert Tom Kirkland is an engineer with extensive experience in thermoplastics joining, particularly ultrasonic, vibration, hot plate, thermal stake/insert, spin weld and laser weld. He shares his experience working as a consultant on the Zintro … Read More

Success Story: Karl Leinsing

Zintro_Karl Leinsing

Karl Leinsing has over 25 years of experience in design and project management, and has been in the Medical Product Device Design and Development industry since 1992. His areas of expertise include full life cycle product development, product conception, and … Read More

Inquiry Roundup- Recycling Industry


Namibia Green Technologies Looking for expert to help promotion of green technologies and low carbon development in Namibia its government project and funded by  government.Renewable energy,Water efficiency and recycling,Sustainable water treatment,Biogas … Read More

Researchers Discover New Polymers


Humans have been creating synthetic polymers for decades. These polymers are found in everything from computers to polyester. However, new polymer-forming chemical reactions are rare. That is why the discovery of IBM research Jeannette M. Garcia and her team … Read More

“The Global Orthopaedic Market” Presented by Galvin Mould


Zintro Webinar Series - Medical Device Insights & Innovation Session 1 Do you have a suggestion for a webinar topic or presenter? Let us know Would you like to discuss an idea with our Business Development team? Fill out our Business Development contact … Read More

Success Story: Nicolas Takashima


Nicolas Takashima an agricultural engineer. He has 10 years of experience working in different areas, including marketing, CRM, commercial unit, new business, biofuel, commercial channel and agrochemicals:For my first Zintro job, the client needed market … Read More

Inquiry Roundup – Oil & Gas Industry


Oil And Gas Data Analytic And Modeling Job Description data analytics and modeling in an upstream Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) operations environmentThe job involves building a performance management data model based on possible sources of human … Read More

NY State and GE Partner for New Manufacturing Initiative


Governor Andrew Cuomo and General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt announced that the state of New York is partnering with GE and other companies for a $500 million initiative to spur high-tech manufacturing of miniature electronics. The public-private partnership … Read More

Microsoft Kinect: Potential Uses in the Medical Device Industry


The second version of Microsoft Kinect is on the market, and with it comes the potential for use in the mainstream medical device industry. The Kinect is a motion capturing camera peripheral for the Xbox 360 system. Although the new version is technically … Read More

A Second Look at Insecticide Resistance in GM Crops


Last month Zintro spoke with George Vassiliou, a Professor of Pesticides and Ecotoxicology , about corn farmers’ concerns that some insects are resistant to genetically modified versions of crops. Vassiliou, who has over 15 years of experience in pesticide … Read More

Success Story: Michael Janas


As a global HR executive with over 25 years of experience, Michael Janas has been able to find great success with the Zintro platform. His work with Fortune 100 and Big 4 companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Eaton Corporation, Coopers & Lybrand, and … Read More

Follow Up: Federal Government Agency Moves to the Cloud


There was such a great response to last week’s post about the General Services Administration (GSA) that we decided to continue the conversation this week. The GSA is in the middle of a multiyear initiative to move core government agency systems to the cloud, … Read More

Success Story: Dinesh Seksaria

Dinesh Z

Zintro expert Dinesh Seksaria is a consultant to vehicle manufacturers and tier suppliers. He has over 40 years of experience as a licensed mechanical engineer, which has involved  problem solving and developing load carrying components and subsystems for … Read More

Inquiry Roundup – Renewable Resources


Green Building Convergence of renewable energy and energy efficiency and building performance.... View inquiryHydroelectricity Russian strategic consulting co is looking for international expert(s) in hydroelectric industry with profound knowledge of … Read More