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Microsoft Kinect: Potential Uses in the Medical Device Industry


The second version of Microsoft Kinect is on the market, and with it comes the potential for use in the mainstream medical device industry. The Kinect is a motion capturing camera peripheral for the Xbox 360 system. Although the new version is technically … Read More

A Second Look at Insecticide Resistance in GM Crops


Last month Zintro spoke with George Vassiliou, a Professor of Pesticides and Ecotoxicology , about corn farmers’ concerns that some insects are resistant to genetically modified versions of crops. Vassiliou, who has over 15 years of experience in pesticide … Read More

Success Story: Michael Janas


As a global HR executive with over 25 years of experience, Michael Janas has been able to find great success with the Zintro platform. His work with Fortune 100 and Big 4 companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Eaton Corporation, Coopers & Lybrand, and … Read More

Follow Up: Federal Government Agency Moves to the Cloud


There was such a great response to last week’s post about the General Services Administration (GSA) that we decided to continue the conversation this week. The GSA is in the middle of a multiyear initiative to move core government agency systems to the cloud, … Read More

Success Story: Dinesh Seksaria

Dinesh Z

Zintro expert Dinesh Seksaria is a consultant to vehicle manufacturers and tier suppliers. He has over 40 years of experience as a licensed mechanical engineer, which has involved  problem solving and developing load carrying components and subsystems for … Read More

Inquiry Roundup – Renewable Resources


Green Building Convergence of renewable energy and energy efficiency and building performance.... View inquiryHydroelectricity Russian strategic consulting co is looking for international expert(s) in hydroelectric industry with profound knowledge of … Read More

Federal Government Agency Moves to the Cloud


The General Services Administration is in the middle of a multiyear initiative to move core federal government agency systems to the cloud—a network of Internet-hosted remote services—to manage and process data, rather than relying on local servers. The “Drive … Read More

Success Story: Frederic Hollister


Zintro expert Frederic Hollister has over 20 years of successful experience in all aspects of income property finance, small business real estate purchases, and many types of real estate loans. He has been employed in the banking industry as a loan officer, … Read More

42 Business Experts & Freelance Consultants Reveal The #1 Mistake People New To Freelance Consulting Make When Starting Out

Zach Everson

One of the most exciting and empowering business ventures an entrepreneur can undertake is starting their own freelance consulting business. Not only can a freelance business be a very lucrative business endeavor, but also in addition, it provides a number of … Read More

Orion Scheduled for December Test


Although NASA’s Orion capsule will not have its first flight test for six more months, agency engineers are getting excited about what they will learn. They designed the spacecraft to eventually take astronauts to Mars as well as other far away locations, but … Read More

Have you visited matches? Fine tune your areas of expertise today! – July 2014 Newsletter


Fine tune your matches and receive the Inquiries you are looking for! Our newly launched MATCHES page let's you fine tune your areas of expertise to better define your areas of interest for Projects, Jobs and Phone Consults.Look for it in your navigation … Read More

Zintro Webinar Series – Chemical Industry Insights & Innovation Session 1


"Evolving Coatings Industry, Emerging Technology-A look ahead...A glimpse at the past!" Presented by David A. Hurwitz Do you have a suggestion for a webinar topic or presenter? Let us know Would you like to discuss an idea with our Business Development … Read More

Success Story: Dr. Peter Valenzuela

peter v

Zintro expert Dr. Peter Valenzuela is a nationally-recognized physician executive, and currently working as the Chief Medical Officer of Sutter Medical Group of the Redwoods. He is responsible for the oversight of all issues related to financial aid medical … Read More

U.S. Government Launches Local Food, Local Places


Rising consumer interest in locally grown food has turned it into a $7 billion industry. Truck farming, or small-scale fresh fruit and vegetable production, has led to over 8100 U.S. farmers’ markets and almost 150,000 farmers selling directly to consumers. In … Read More

Inquiry Roundup – Alcohol


Beer Formulation I would like to link with experts in with beer formulation I would like to bring to the market a new lager beer brand of 4.8 percent alcohol content View Inquiry Wine and Spirits I am looking for alcohol experts (preferably spirits) with … Read More

First Successful Missile Intercept Test Since 2008

Missile Defense

This week marked the U.S.-missile defense system’s first successful intercept test since 2008. Five of the past eight attempts had failed. According to the U.S. Defense Department, the system, which is managed by Boeing  Co, hit a simulated enemy missile over … Read More

The Best Tools to Market Yourself as a Freelance Consultant


One of the most common challenges cited by freelance consultants is the need to continuously market their services, especially if sales and marketing aren’t your areas of expertise. You should always be marketing your services, even when you’re not able to … Read More

United Nations Environmental Assembly Meets in Kenya

Rick Rybeck

Areas such as climate change, pollution, land degradation and access to water effect people all over the world, regardless of their country. The first United Nations Environmental Assembly opened in Kenya this week, with over 150 high-level delegations … Read More

Success Story: Michelle Dunn


Zintro expert Michelle Dunn is an authority on collecting money as well as an award-winning author and columnist. Michelle has worked in credit and collections for over 27 years. She has been quoted and featured in The Wall Street Journal, Smart Money … Read More

Inquiry Roundup – Medical Imaging


CT Scan Equipment I need an expert witness to testify about the workings of a Siemens Sensations 16 Cat Scan machine. View Inquiry Gastrointestinal Endoscopy I am doing market Research into the potential of contrast media agents in the gastrointestinal … Read More

Success Story: Marc Estrella


Zintro expert Marc Estrella is an insurance consultant with over 17 years of interdisciplinary experience in the insurance industry. Marc is a chartered property casualty underwriter and certified insurance data manager, with a Master of Science in Insurance … Read More

Pesticide Use Increasing Among U.S. Corn Farmers

Corn pesticide

Corn farmers are becoming increasingly concerned that some insects are resistant to genetically modified versions of crops. As a result, the use of pesticides among U.S. farmers is surging. When engineered corn was developed 17 years ago, it was supposed to … Read More

Success Story: Charles Intrieri


Zintro expert Charles Intrieri is a Supply Chain Logistics, Third Party Logistics (3PL) and Warehousing Consultant. In addition to helping companies find the optimum 3PL, Mr. Intrieri assists them with reviewing contracts, negotiating prices and making service … Read More

Inquiry Roundup – Coatings Industry


Aluminum Extrusion We want to establish a new plant for Aluminum Profile Extrusion with capacity of 2500 Ton/month. which will include extrusion machines , aging, anodizing , powder coating, wooding and packaging. we already have quotation for main equipment … Read More