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“Strategy and Preparation of an Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) Application” Presented by Susanne T. Smith

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Medical Device Insights & Innovation Webinar Series - Session 2Presented by Susanne T. Smith About: Susanne has over 30 years of medical device industry experience from small start-ups to publicly traded companies. She worked at Collagen Corp., and … Read More

Inquiry Roundup- Laboratory Management Industry


Laboratory Animal Facility We need a Specific Pathogen Free laboratory mouse holding facility. It will be operated and built for accreditation . We have a proposed location on an existing laboratory area used by a chemistry department. We need the design and … Read More

ABC Deals with Poor Economic Growth


Agricultural Bank of China Ltd. has set aside additional money to cover future bad loans, amid the country’s economic  slowdown. The lender has more retail customers than the entire population of the Euro Zone, according to A recent Hong King exchange … Read More

Climate Change and Global Warming Part 2


Yesterday’s post focused on a leaked draft of a United Nations Report obtained by The document claims that humans risk causing irreversible and widespread damage to the planet if nothing is done to limit fossil fuel emissions. Today’s post … Read More

Climate Change and Global Warming Part 1


A leaked draft of a United Nations report  obtained by claims humans risk causing irreversible and widespread damage to the planet unless something is done quickly to limit fossil fuel emissions. According to the document, global warming is … Read More

Do you want to show relevant Inquires and Experts directly on your website? – September 2014 Zintro Newsletter


Displaying Zintro Projects, Phone Consults and Jobs has never been easier. Engage your site visitors with the Inquiry and Expert iframe for external websites. Give your visitors direct access to our community of over 100,000 highly specialized Expertise … Read More

The Future of EV Vehicles in China- Part 2


Last week, we posted the first of two blogs about electric-vehicles in China. Bloomberg recently reported that the government in China may give as much as 100 billion yuan ($16 billion) in funding to build EV charging facilities in order to spur demand for … Read More

The Effects of Fracking on Newborn Babies


A recent study by researchers at the Colorado School of Public Health, and published in Environmental Health Perspectives, examined the effects fracking on babies born near wells. Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is the process of blasting chemicals, sand … Read More

Corn Output Up in the U.S.


The thousands of field inspections that took place last week during the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour found corn output in the U.S. will be 0.4 percent over the government’s estimate. Many months of rain and mild weather created ideal growing conditions for the … Read More

Inquiry Roundup – Poultry Industry


Poultry Feed Formulation I’m co-owner and co-founder of a US based ***** selling a patented and FDA compliant nutritional supplement in the US, Canada, Australia, North Korea and Chez Republic. Since 2011, tens of millions of tablets have been sold in these … Read More

The Future for EV Vehicles in China


Bloomberg reports that the government in China may give as much as 100 billion yuan ($16 billion) in funding to build electric-vehicle charging facilities with the hope of spurring demand for clean cars, according to two sources who asked not to be named. … Read More

How To Hire An Expert: Tips & Tools for Hiring Great Freelance Consultants


In helping thousands of companies hire consultants for a wide array of projects, we've found that businesses often have trouble identifying the exact right expert for their specific job (particularly when they have multiple projects they're managing at scale). … Read More

AAP Wants Later School Start Time for Teens


Concerned about the lack of sleep among teenagers in the U.S., the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has called for secondary schools to begin later, not starting until at least 8:30 a.m. Teens’ natural sleep patterns make it difficult for them to fall … Read More

Hackers Target Sony Entertainment


Service for the PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment was interrupted yesterday, according to a Twitter post from the official Sony PlayStation Twitter account. Hackers overwhelmed the system with such a large amount of computer-generated traffic that it … Read More

Inquiry Roundup – Apparel Industry


Sports Apparel Manufacturing We are attempting to launch a new outdoors fishing/boat/ocean wear line of shirts with our own proprietary logo. Logo is already copyrighted. We are looking for some assistance in finding apparel manufacturers/distributors who … Read More

Renewables Infrastructure Group Buys Three U.K. Solar Farms


The Renewables Infrastructure Group has agreed to buy three U.K. solar farms from a venture between British Solar Renewables Ltd. and Banco Santander SA. The photovoltaic farms total 56.6 megawatts of generation capacity and are valued at 73.7 million pounds … Read More

Success Story: William Walker

Zintro_William Walker

William Walker is an acknowledged expert in International Standards (ISO). He has been a Register Lead Auditor over 16 years and has approved for Registration over 400 companies in 20 different Standard Industry Codes.William is a competitive and proven … Read More

Hacking on the Rise: How Worried Should We Be?


The New York Times reported that one billion usernames and passwords were stolen by the Russian cyber-crime gang. According to Jordan Robertson on, the numbers probably won’t translate “into anything big” for two reasons.First, the hackers … Read More

Success Story: Chris Dane

Zintro_Chris Dane

Chris Dane, President of HRG/Executive Travel Associates, has been in the travel industry for over 35 years. HRG/ETA’s parent company is the third largest travel management company in the world.Before joining HRG, Chris created his own consulting company. … Read More

Success Story: Aaron Kapp


Zintro expert Aaron Kapp is the founding partner, CFO, and COO of a number of successful startups. He is currently the partner and the EVP of Business Development for Integrated Shipping Solutions, Inc. His transportation consulting firm has provided … Read More

Rosetta Completes 10-Year Trip into Deep Space


The European spacecraft Rosetta reached its final destination on a 10-year trip into deep space. According to the European Space Agency, they launched the probe in 2004 to orbit the Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet and collect information about the mass of dirty … Read More

Apple Tries New Marketing Strategy in India


The high cost of new iPhones has made it difficult for Apple Inc. to succeed in emerging markets. For example, an iPhone 5s can cost as much as 53,500 rupies ($874) in India—a hefty price tag in a nation where most people live on less than $2 a day. The … Read More

Best Tools for Screening and Hiring Freelance Consultants


When it comes to screening and hiring freelance consultants, you could be inundated with submissions and emails and reference contacts. By the very nature of the freelance business, your applicants and candidates will vary greatly in experience and background … Read More

Success Story: Tim Brophy

Zintro_Tim Brophy

Zintro expert Tim Brophy is an Underground Mining Tire & Wheel Specialist. He has over 35 years of experience in sales, service, field engineering, and design of tires, wheels, and service programs for underground mining operations. Tim recently completed … Read More