Inquiry Roundup-Medical Reimbursement

Medical Claim Approved Stamp Showing Successful Medical Reimbursement

Medicaid Reimbursement I am looking to understand reimbursements for Medicaid in California. I am looking at opening a facility that accepts Medicaid but j hear horror stories of how long it takes to get paid View Inquiry   Billing And … Read More

Inquiry Roundup-Medical Device


Medical Device Patent Search I am looking for an expert that can run a patent search for an approach to illumination design in a medical device. View Inquiry Medical Device Development  Each year, NEPDC partners with parents, clinicians, and advocacy groups … Read More

Inquiry Roundup: Food Packaging


Food Packaging Ok I am planning on starting a small business, I want to cater to offices in the lunch rush food would be delivered to the office, if not the desk. I am looking to have something similar to a tiffin, preferably in a cylinder shape in … Read More

Pharmaceuticals, Homeopathic Remedies and the Marketing Connection


A recent article on The Gateway discussed how most pharmacies place homeopathic remedies and pharmaceutical drugs side by side. As a result, consumers may believe all of the treatments are equal in effectiveness. In reality, homeopathic remedies aren’t … Read More

Inquiry Roundup- Food Science


Food Science And Technology Developing a tasty organic viscus food product in a pouch that both satisfies hunger and delivers much needed nutrients and minerals to your body. We have a base product formulation and need to get a better idea of + ingredient … Read More

Senator Ed Markey Introduces Legislation to Repeal Medical Device Tax


According to the Boston Globe, "Senator Edward J. Markey, Democrat of Massachusetts, introduced legislation Tuesday to repeal the 2.3 percent excise tax on medical devices, a two-year-old levy that has been the target of a national industry with a strong … Read More

Top 50 Time-Tracking Tools for Freelancers


Nobody understands the value of time better than freelancers. Your time literally is your money, and you need the right tools to track your time to get paid for your valuable work and time. Whether you're working on a project and getting paid hourly or for a … Read More

Inquiry Roundup – Pharmacy Industry


Compounding Kits I have a need to find a manufacturer for some Pharmacy (in -office compounding kits). The kits will consist of 4 and 3 agents in powdered form that when reconstituted will become a topical pain cream. There are currently similar products on … Read More

Inquiry Roundup- Pharma Industry


Pharmaceutical Sales And Marketing We are currently conducting a study to understand the Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Data Providers Market. Some of the key focus areas of our study are: • Engagement models used by pharma companies with primary data … Read More

50 Innovative Life Sciences Companies to Watch in the Northeast

MultiCell Technologies

Life sciences companies include companies in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biomedical technologies, life systems technologies, cosmeceuticals, medical devices, and others that dedicate their efforts to research, development, and … Read More

“Positioning Your Company For Debt Financing” How you can make your business attractive to commercial lenders. Presented by Gary Honig

Playsito Gary

Zintro Webinar Presented by Gary Honig, President - Creative Capital Associates, Inc. Presenter's Note: "This seminar is focused on companies who sell to businesses (aka B2B or B2G) not retail or consumers. It will explain the steps you can take to build … Read More

Success Story: Carlos Castro

Carlos Castro

Carlos Castro  has more than 20 years of experience working in executive positions in first line multinational companies such as Saint Gobain, Unilever, Cadbury, and Kraft/Mondelez. He has led global teams around the world in Supply Chain, Manufacturing, … Read More

Inquiry Roundup- Medical Device Industry

Medical Device

 Medical Device Registration I am a Regulatory Affairs specialist for an organisation based in the US. We are looking for a regulatory consultant who can register a medical device in Morocco (french speaking country). View Inquiry Middle East Medical … Read More

“When Millennials Take Over: Preparing for the Ridiculously Optimistic Future of Business” Presented by Jamie Notter & Maddie Grant

Jamie and Maddie

Zintro Webinar Presented by Jamie Notter & Maddie Grant, Principals - Culture That Works, LLC. Presenter's Note: "Whether we are ready for it or not, the future of business is here. It’s a future in which organizations must learn how to move faster, … Read More

20 Tax Experts Reveal the Most Important Tax and Accounting Considerations for Freelance Consultants

Aubrey Lynch

The first few months of the year are usually met with great enthusiasm and optimism for all types of business professionals alike, refreshed from the holidays and ready to meet and exceed new business goals. That is, of course, until you inevitably bring up … Read More

Inquiry Roundup- Laboratory Management


Medical Laboratory Management JOB TITLE: MEDICAL DIRECTOR – LABORATORY SERVICES Manages and directs full service clinical/diagnostic laboratory service. Working collaboratively with the senior management team to ensure consistent high standards of service … Read More

Success Story: Mike Keating


Zintro expert Mike Keating is a Registered Professional Engineer with 25 years of experience in the construction industry, and several certifications (PE, AVS, CCE, CGC). He is President of Keating & Associates, a personal and organizational coaching and … Read More

Zintro Feature Update: Conversations


We understand the importance of Clients and Experts being able to interact through the platform and connect successfully. That's why we just released the all new Conversations to replace Zmail as a way to help you achieve your goals more effectively. Whether … Read More

Inquiry Roundup- Software Industry


Software Licensing Reseller Service I am currently working on Software Licensing Reseller Services globally. I would like to know more about best sourcing strategies to procure Reseller Services in terms of understanding  various pricing models, margins, … Read More

Medical Device Group Shares Common Goal

med device

In 2001, a group of Greater Reading companies began sharing resources and expertise in the medical device industry and other related industries. Formed by the startup incubator hub of Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania, The Greater … Read More

Inquiry Roundup- Automotive Manufacturing

Red Sports Car

Automotive Engineering  We need a plan for starting job in the car industry more details we will discuss through the skype or through the phone if there is any volunteers to work with us. View Inquiry  Automobile Industry In India And Thailand Hi. … Read More

How Competition is Affecting Big Pharma


Although pharmaceutical companies have seen an improvement in drug pipelines, they are facing a new challenge. Namely, the first generation of blockbuster biological drugs manufactured by giants Bristol-Myers Squib, Eli Lilly and AstraZeneca are facing … Read More

Great Places to Work When You’re Tired of Working from Home


This series covers several places consultants and freelancers can work productively. So far we have looked at coworking spaces and coffees shops. This last post in the series examines the benefits of renting an office. Renting an office is the most … Read More

Inquiry Roundup- Biochemical Engineering


Specialty Chemicals  We are a leading expert network firm working in partnership with Zintro. We are looking for experts on behalf of a financial institutional investor. Specifically we would like to speak with someone who is familiar with the specialty … Read More